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It Pains Me To Say, Tis The Brain That Is Frayed, A Respite, A Hospice, A NeedTo Get Away

I'd like to say that I've had some incredible life tremor that's set the world as I know it asunder as I try to gain footing, balance, and stability, but alas... I fear I am just a wuss.

Busy, I have been, but have had absolutely no incentive, or urge to put pencil/stylus to paper/tablet, and have little to no ideas for new comics. My creative juices are drained, and I have no excuse to let down the faithful readers. I have absolutely no doubt that my creative inspiration will return with full prolific nature, but for now... my soul must rest. Aside from a terrible Charlie Sheen joke that isn't that funny, I have really nothing for you, and would rather post something half-decent than something not worth wiping your but with.

Until then, there's the forum to chat on. I'll be checking it to answer questions or defend myself. Please stay tuned. I'm sure the good weather will bring more doodles.